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Bagged Coco Coir Now Ready to Ship!

You’ll want to try our ready to use bagged coco coir products. We offer three bagged coco coir solutions for your grow. It’s pre-expanded and ready to use right out of the bag.  Three blends for your growing success. Your roots have been waiting for this!

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Coco Coir... Bagged and Ready to Ship

Get the best growing experience for your medicinal crops with Ameri-Coco bagged Coir!  See Below for more details…

The Coir Blend You Know and Love

100% Pure Ameri-COCO COIR in a smooth blend of  Perlite. Our coir is washed and low EC right out of the bag. We blend in perlite, a long respected, natural additive which adds air space to the blend.


100% Pure Washed Ameri-COCO Coir

Low EC and ready for your own custom blend or use straight. No Expansion necessary, this is fluffed and ready Coco Peat!


Root Kandy Buffered Ameri-Coco

For those with ultra low EC requirements, Root Kandy is 100% Coco Coir Buffered with Cal Nitrate to reduce the EC to below .5


Ameri-Coco Coir Bagged Specifications


pH 5.5 to 6.5

EC <.8  (Root Kandy Buffered Coir <.5

Bag Size  1.5 cuft

Ships 70 bags per pallet

Container qty 20 pallets.

Better Roots Better Yield!

By Enroot Products LLC

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